Animation takes care you have an active, carefree and interesting holiday. Come to relax and have a good time. Restore your lost energy and move away from the stress. Enjoy a variety of daytime and evening activities we have prepared for you.

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Children and adults have different demands. Our animation team makes sure everyone stays happy.

Animation for children and families:

Kids can enjoy spending time in the MINI CLUB. Animation team has prepared many activities for children. Kids can enjoy the company of peers with a variety of fun and educational games. Participate in the adventure of dance and age-appropriate fun games. Your kids practice to music in kids aqua fun activity. They develop their creative side in a good mood.

The entire family can have a great time in the children’s mini disco. Together you can enjoy exercising or watching cartoons.

Bring a smile on your childrens faces and create priceless memories together.

Entertainment for adults:

Adults can spend good times, relax and recreate int he various sports facilities. Select the way of relaxation that best suits you on a much deserved holiday.

Start your day with morning gym. Explore the surroundings by Nordic walking.

The choice of activities is varied and includes: aerobics, 80 ‘aqua aerobics, aqua fun, power walking, dance school, yogilates, fitness, Hispanic fitness, stretching, workout, relax your body, cro aqua fun. Be sure to play some of the popular sports such as bowling and archery.

You can also relax with a music evening that we often organize for you.

Come as good fun and a lot of joy and laughter are waiting for you. Lift your spirit up and  return home healthy, happy and relaxed.